Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Hossa: Part 5/10 Some of the best photo spots in Hossa

Published: 31.08.2023

Photo: Suomussalmi.fi / Hossa National Park (Hannu Huttu)

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Last time I told you all about the different activities you can do in Hossa National Park in summer and winter. This time I will share with you the perfect spots to take some nice pictures of pure and beautiful nature. Especially, if you enjoy photography this will be the ultimate add-on to your trip to Hossa.

If you are asking yourself “Why is Hossa the best spot for photography”? Well, the park offers a wide range of scenic views during every season with pine forests, dusky spruce stands, as well as clear lakes and streams that change every time depending on the season and weather.

Firstly, I recommend you to visit the Julma-Ölkky canyon lake, which I already told you about. Especially from the observation spot on top of the cliffs or on a boat or canoe, you can take the most beautiful pictures of the surroundings. The perfect time to do that is around noon on a clear summer day when there is a big contrast in lighting between the shady and sunny side of the canyon lake. The best thing about this scenery is that you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings in summer as well as in winter. In this following photo we were visiting Hossa at the end of May 2021.

Photo: Hossa National Park, Julma-Ölkky, cable bridge 20.5.2021 (Dávide Moussas-Álvarez)

Another spot that is worth going to take some nature pictures is the Muikkupuro creek. This offers a beautiful brook with clear water, with two lakes which are known for their clear water coming together. A nice lean-to-shelter can be found where the site is perfectly suitable to take great pictures. It is very easy to access since the next parking area is located within a short distance. For example, Kainuu Trail event’s the 1st Aid Station (Iso-Valkeainen) is only 1,5 km from the Muikkupuro - from that site you can find plenty of parking area.

Photo: Suomussalmi.fi / Hossa National Park, Muikkupuro (Antti Kulmanen, retkipaikka.fi) 

Quite different to the previous spots are the Lounatkoski rapids and they have their own uniqueness. They are open all year round and flowing in a strong current along narrow channels. With a close located mill the rapids form lovely scenery for the perfect picture. If you are looking for a different view of the site, you can visit the rapids during periods of sub-zero temperatures in winter to see the trees on the shore covered in frost.

Photo: Suomussalmi.fi / Hossa National Park, Muikkupuro (Jonna Saari, retkipaikka.fi)

If you are looking for more flowing water and beautiful scenery in winter and summer you should definitely check out the Huosivirta river which is a stream at the western end of Huosiharju. The specialty of the river is that it remains open in winter and is accessible by a road where cars can cross the river during the whole year. In the Kainuu Trail event, after the crossing of Huosivirta, runners have only 4 km left to the finish. This photo from Huosivirta is taken also from our trip to Hossa at the end of May 2021.

Photo: Hossa National Park, Huosivirta 20.5.2021 (Ilva Völker)

For the last spot I would recommend to you to visit the Kokalmus lean-to a shelter and the beach near to it which are on the shore of the lake Kokalmus. Especially, during summer times the shore offers a magnificent atmosphere during nights and also mornings when the sun rises. If you are also taking shots with a drone this is the place to be for you since it offers an excellent spot for that.

Photo: Suomussalmi.fi / Hossa National Park, Kokalmus (Jonna Saari, retkipaikka.fi)

So, if you are having a day off from practising in Hossa National Park or you stay longer after the Kainuu Trail these are definitely places to create lasting memories or add them into a photo album that last forever and remind you on the beautiful experience you had while participating in the Kainuu Trail 2021!

Facts about some of the best photo spots in Hossa:
1. Hossa National Park offers a wide range of scenic spots that changes depending on time and season
2. Julma-Ölkky canyon lake can offer a big contrast between the shady and sunny side of the canyon lake
3. Muikkupuro creek combines clear water and a nice lean-to-shelter for perfect pictures
4. The mill at Lounatkoski rapids is definitely worth taking a shot
5. Huosivirta river is crossed by an accessible road all year around
6. Kokalmus lean-to a shelter and the beach are especially great places for photographing

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