Kainuu Trail 2024 Aid Stations (service stations)

Kainuu Trail trail running event aid services and aid stations will take care about the runners.

In all Kainuu Trail’s aid stations we will offer the following goods: water, sport drink (Nosht), banana, vine grapes, raisin, chips, pickle cucumber and sea salt. There will also be Biokia’s dried organic blueberries. All goods earlier mentioned are gluten and lactose free. Additionally, in Kokalmus Aid Station we will offer for ex. chocolate, Green Jellies (Fazer), rye bread, gluten free bread and meetwurst.  

Remember to take your mandatory equipment’s mug with you because we don’t use disposable mugs in the aid stations. For hygiene reasons banana, raisin, chips and pickle cucumber is served from the disposable dish. Please leave all the disposable dishes and other litter in the aid station’s trash basket.

Self-service / Dropbags

In the Kainuu Trail, runners carry all their goods / drinks / energies with them throughout the run, so it is not possible to arrange separate maintenance along the route and / or leave dropbags along the route and / or at aid stations. Reserve enough sports drink, energy, etc. what you want for the run.

Kainuu Trail Aid Stations

Iso-Valkeainen (map link)
Julma-Ölkky (map link)
Kokalmus (map link)
Huosius (map link, at this point there are no organizer’s officials and only water is served)
Finish (map link)

Aid station table details
Run distance
= running distance from start to the aid station
Closing time = cut off time is the time after when runners are not allowed to continue the race
Avg speed km/h = average running speed needed for arriving to the aid station before closing time 

Distance Aid station (service station) Run distance Closing time  Avg speed km/h Notices
10 KM          
1. Huosius 5,9 km     no officials/only water
2. Finish 10 km 13.30 3,3 km/h  
21 KM          
1. Iso-Valkeainen 8,8 km 12.30 3,5 km/h  
2. Huosius 17,4 km     no officials/only water
3. Finish 21 km 17.00 3,0 km/h  
38 KM          
1. Iso-Valkeainen 1 8,8 km 12.00 2,9 km/h  
2. Iso-Valkeainen 2 18,2 km 15.00 3,0 km/h  
3. Kokalmus 25,5 km 18.00 2,8 km/h  
4. Huosius 34,4 km     no officials/only water
5. Finish 38 km 22.00 2,9 km/h  
55 KM          
1. Iso-Valkeainen 1 8,8 km 10.30 3,5 km/h  
2. Julma-Ölkky 1 18,5 km 13.00 3,7 km/h  
3. Julma-Ölkky 2 24,0 km 14.30 3,7 km/h  
4. Iso-Valkeainen 2 34,9 km 17.00 3,9 km/h  
5. Kokalmus 42,2 km 19.00 3,8 km/h  
6. Huosius 51,1 km     no officials/only water
7. Finish 55 km 22.00 3,9 km/h  
78 KM          
1. Iso-Valkeainen 1 8,8 km 08.00 4,4 km/h  
2. Julma-Ölkky 1 18,5 km 10.00 4,6 km/h  
3. Julma-Ölkky 2 28,4 km 12.30 4,4 km/h  
4. Iso-Valkeainen 2 39,3 km 14.30 4,6 km/h  
5. Kokalmus 1 46,6 km 16.00 4,6 km/h  
6. Kokalmus 2 65,1 km 19.30 4,8 km/h  
7.  Huosius 74,0 km     no officials/only water
8. Finish 78 km 22.00 4,9 km/h  



Runner’s must be ready for the mandatory equipment check (in aid station/service station) done by the event’s officials: see the webpage Kainuu Trail -> Runners -> Equipment/gear. If some of the mandatory equipment is missing the organizer may give a time penalty of 60 minutes / missing equipment.

Drinkability of natural waters in Hossa

Runners of the Kainuu Trail can also use the water provided by nature in the Hossa National Park area as drinking water (of course at their own risk). runners should note that drinking water should only be taken from a place where water is flowing and looks clear.

Safety, First Aid and drop outs

We take care about the runner’s safety as best as possible so everyone can enjoy the race to the fullest. Please inform our aid station’s officials if you see some corrections for safety reasons in the event management or in the running routes (for example route marking, dangerous areas etc.)

When getting the competition material, the runner is asked to give the phone number of the phone that they will carry during the run so that the organizer can reach the runner during the competition if needed. The runner must save the event’s ICE number +358 44 7679 533 to their mobile phone.

First Aid team and service car serves in the event centre through the event.

If the participant is too tired to continue the race or for some other reason the runner must drop out of the race and forward towards our finish area’s soup meal - we will organize the transport from the closest aid station (nearest to the runner) to the finish area and event centre.

The aid station areas have a First Aid kit with the essential First Aid equipment. Remember to take your own mandatory first aid kit on the run as well.

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