Arrival to Finland

Arriving in Finland is easiest by air. Airlines such as Finnair operate direct flights from around the world to Finland and Helsinki Airport. From Helsinki, you can continue your journey by flying, for example, to Kajaani or Kuusamo, which are the nearest airports to Hossa. From Kajaani and Kuusamo, you can conveniently continue your journey by bus or rental car.

Check here for a listing of countries and cities worldwide with direct Finnair flights to Finland.

Book your flights on Finnair's website.

By flying to Kajaani or Kuusamo and by bus to Hossa

Arriving and travelling to Kainuu Trail can be done smoothly by flying from Helsinki to either Kajaani Airport or Kuusamo Airport.

From Kajaani (Kajaani Travel Centre) it is easy to continue the journey towards Hossa by bus, for example using the Kajaani-Suomussalmi-Hossa-Kuusamo bus connection. The most convenient way to get from Kajaani airport to the centre of Kajaani and the travel centre is by taxi or public bus.

From Kuusamo it is easy to continue the journey towards Hossa by bus, for example using the Kajaani-Suomussalmi-Hossa-Kuusamo bus connection. The most convenient way to get from Kuusamo airport to the centre of Kuusamo (Bus stop Ervasti aukio, Kelantie 2, Kuusamo) is by taxi or public bus.

See flight schedules: finnair.fi

By rail to Kajaani and by bus to Hossa

If you want to arrive at Kainuu Trail by train, the nearest railway station is in Kajaani, about 200 kilometers from Hossa National Park. From the Kajaani railway station (Travel Centre) it is easy to continue the journey towards Hossa by bus, for example using the Kajaani-Suomussalmi-Hossa-Kuusamo bus connection.

See train schedules: vr.fi

Arrival by bus in Hossa

In summer, the Kajaani-Kuusamo bus connection usually serves visitors to Hossa from the beginning of June to the end of September. You can find the bus connection in Matkahuolto's timetable search under the name Kajaani-Suomussalmi-Hossa-Kuusamo.

Usually, this connection is available in summer from Monday to Friday and on Sundays (so not Saturdays). However, it is worth checking the current schedule for each summer on Matkahuolto's website.

With this bus connection, it is easy to arrive in Hossa from Kajaani, Suomussalmi or Kuusamo, for example, the day before the race on Friday 28 June 2024 and leave after the race day on Sunday 30 June 2024.

Check the current schedule on Matkahuolto's website: Matkahuolto or Google Maps.

Matkahuolto's service number also helps if necessary: ​​+358 0200 4000.

By competition bus to Hossa

In last year's feedback, we received a suggestion that we should organize bus transportation for participants on the competition day, Saturday, from Kajaani and Kuusamo to Hossa and back. With this survey, we are investigating whether there is demand for this service, and based on the results, we will decide whether to implement it. If we proceed with these bus transfers, they will be available for pre-sale on our online store in February-March 2024. Responding to the survey does not constitute a binding reservation for transportation, but we hope that you will answer the survey as truthfully as possible. Respond to the survey by February 29, 2024.

The preliminary route connections and schedules are:

  • Bus Transportation 1) Kajaani-Suomussalmi-Hossa-Suomussalmi-Kajaani
    • Departure: 05:45
    • At Hossa: 08:30
    • Return (departure): 15:30
    • In Kajaani: 18:15
  • Bus Transportation 2) Kajaani-Suomussalmi-Hossa-Suomussalmi-Kajaani
    • Departure: 06:45
    • At Hossa: 09:30
    • Return (departure): 17:30
    • In Kajaani: 20:15
  • Bus Transportation 3) Ruka-Kuusamo-Hossa-Kuusamo-Ruka
    • Departure: 06:40
    • At Hossa: 08:20 
    • Return (departure): 17:30
    • In Kajaani: 19:10


Arrival to Hossa 

Hossa National Park is located between road Kuusamontie (main road 6, E63) and road Suomussalmi - Murtovaara (road 843). Most of the national park's area is inside in the municipality of Suomussalmi area, but parts of it are in municipalities of Kuusamo and Taivalkoski.

Map 1. Location of the Hossa National Park

It is easy to arrive to Hossa and to get familiar with its diverse nature. Almost immediately when arriving to Hossa traveller can start to enjoy the silence of Hossa's wilderness.

Hossa National Park is an excellent destination for outdoor and hiking oriented travellers: the paths and trails running along pine heaths invites you to hike, run and cycle. The crystal-clear lakes are perfect for canoeing and fishing. The (legendary) rock paintings of Julma-Ölkky and Värikallio depict stories of shamanism, dating back thousands of years.

Read more about arriving to Hossa from Hossa's webpages and from Nationalparks.fi webpages.

Arrival to Kainuu Trail event centre

Kainuu Trail trail running event's event centre is located on Hossa Visitor Centre's area. Navigational address is Jatkonsalmentie 6, Suomussalmi.

The event’s guiding posts and Hossa national park’s guiding posts guide you to the event centre from route 5 (E63). Kainuu Trail -event’s guide posting begins from route 5 (E63) as shown in map 2.

Map 2. Arriving to Hossa

Kainuu Trail event centre's map

Map 3. Kainuu Trail's Event Centre

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