For Kainuu Trail trail running event the Hossa area's accommodation possibilities are diverse - starting from modest camping and caravan area to high standard holiday apartments.

We strongly recommend the very large accommodation capacity of the Ruka-Kuusamo area (more than 30,000 beds). It takes about 1 hour from Kuusamo and about 1.5 hours from Ruka to Hossa, and you can also take the Kajaani-Suomussalmi-Hossa-Kuusamo bus in the summer.

Here are some options from our event partners.

Hossa Visitor Centre

Accommodation in the silence and peace of the nature - Hossa Visitor Centre
 Hossa Visitor Centre offers a diverse range of excursion and travel services. The restaurant/café serves small snacks and full meals and knowledge of nature and history of
 Hossa region is provided under the same roof.
 Cottages and loggers’ huts provide cosy overnight accommodation throughout the year. The campsite of Karhunkainalo is open to caravanners from March to October.
 From the Visitor Centre you can rent for ex. fatbikes, canoes, kayaks etc.

 Check out accommodation possibilities from here.

 Hossa Visitor Centre
 Jatkonsalmentie 6, 89920 Suomussalmi
 +358 (0)50 384 4692

Web page: https://www.luontoon.fi/hossanluontokeskus

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