Entry and registration periods 10 km (men/women)
BOYS 12-17-v, GIRLS 12-17-v)
21 km (men/women) 38 km (men/women) 55 km (men/women) 78 km (men/women)
28.11.-31.12.2021 20 € 39 € 49 € 69 € 79 €
1.1.-30.4.2022 25 € 59 € 69 € 89 € 99 €
1.5.-20.6.2022 30 € 79 € 89 € 109 € 129 €
late-entry 21.6.-2.7.2022 (if it is possible to take participants) 35 €  84 €  94 €  114 €  134 € 
Participation fee includes following contents x = content included  x = content included x = content included x = content included x = content included
Event instructions x x x x x
Route maps  x x x x x
Number bib+safety pins x x x x x
Timing (online results) x x x x x
GPS-tracking (organizer will choose the followed athletes)  - - - x x
Service stations on the route with refreshments and energy snacks  - x (1 service station) x (3 service stations) x (5 service stations) x (6 service stations)
Service station in the finish area with refreshments and energy snacks  x x x x x
If you have to drop out we will arrange transportation from the nearest service station to the finish area  x x x x x
First aid (event centre) x x x x x
*You can enjoy with your running friends the "Soup of the Day" in the finish area after your run  *for 10 km runners we offer soup of the day in 9 € cost when ordered during the registration (on-site at the event 12 €) x x x x
Dressing rooms  x x x x x
Sauna  x x x x x
Commemorative prize (event product) x x x x x
Ranking prizes (3 fastest runners are awarded / category)  x x x x x
ITRA points  No ITRA points 1 ITRA point 2 ITRA points 2 ITRA points  3 ITRA points 
UTMB (Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc) Qualifier 2022  - x (Qualifier 20K) x (Qualifier 50K) x (Qualifier 50K) x (Qualifier 100K)
*Finish area´s 
"Soup of the Day"
serving time

Soup of the Day
Gluten-free (G), Lactose-free (L), Vegetarian (V)

minced meat soup/vegetarian soup with rye bread, white bread, cheese, ham, butter, juice, water and milk  
*for 10 km runners we offer soup of the day in 9 € cost when ordered during the registration (on-site at the event 12 €) x x x x
EVENT PRODUCTS Product description Sizes Orders Deliveries Price


Official Kainuu Trail t-shirt, with Kainuu Trail logo on the chest and on the back of the t-shirt. Available in colours GREEN and BLACK.

Unisex S-4XL

Ladies XS-XXL

Pre-orders (with discounted price) are possible until 30.4.2022. Orders from our entry service or webshop. Ordered products will be delivered on-site at the event.

Pre-order price 19,90 €. (normal price 24,90 €)

Battle shirt is a tight fitted running shirt made by the Noname Sport. The BATTLE SHIRT is made from durable and functional TRAIL TECH fabric. The whole back area of the shirt is made from O-VENT elastic mesh fabric, which further improves ventilation and therefore makes it extremely breathable especially in hot conditions and like in trail running when runner will usually carry a backpack for example. Short zipper in the front and a 2cm low collar.

Unisex 120-XXXL

Ladies XXS-XXL

Pre-order (with discounted price) until 31.12.2021. Orders from our entry service or webshop. Ordered products are delivered for customers on Feb-Mar 2022.

49,90 €
(pre-order price includes postal fee inside Finland 5,90 €)
(normal price 54,90 € + postal fee)

Hossa Visitor Centre
Pre-order prices are valid until Monday 20th June 2022!
Event meals pre-orders must be done directly to Hossa Visitor Centre: hossa(at)retkeilykeskus.fi, +358 50 3844692
fri 1st July 
at 18.00-21.00
Buffet, G/L/Vegetarian, Pre-order 12 € (on-site 15 €) 
Kainuu Trail event info meeting at 20.00
sat 2nd July 
at 04.30-10.00
Breakfast, G/L, Pre-order 10 € (on-site 12 €) 
sat 2nd July 
at 10.30-14.00
Lunch, G/L/Vegetarian, Pre-order 12 € (on-site 15 €) 
sat 2nd July 
at 17.00-21.00
Dinner, G/L/Vegetarian, Pre-order 12 € (on-site 15 €) 
Notice! Prize-giving ceremony for 38 k, 55 k and 78 k distances will be at 17.00 in Hossa Visitor Centre restaurant
10 k prize-giving ceremony is at 12.00 (same place)
21 k prize-giving ceremony is at 13.00 (same place)


Runner card (Finnish) discount campaign between 01.01.-20.06.2022. With runner card 5 euros discount for the participation fees.

Kainuu O-Week volunteers and organizers discount (valid between 01.01.-20.06.2022)
Volunteers and organizers of the Kainuu O-Week 2015-2022 and/or the members of the orienteering clubs in Kainuu will have 10 euros discount into the participation fee of 78 k, 55 k, 38 k and 21 k distances. If you are entitled to have this discount take contact jukka.liuha(at)rastiviikko.fi.

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