Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Hossa Part 1/10

Published: 31.08.2023


Hey there! My name is Jesse. It is nice to see you here! I just arrived here in Hossa National Park to prepare for the Kainuu Trail trail running event on the 3rd of July 2021. If you are interested in trail running come join me and we are going to practice together while exploring the trails and surroundings of Hossa National Park! You are ready? Let’s go then!

Did you know that Hossa is the newest national park in Finland? It was inaugurated as a national park in 2017, in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Finnish Declaration of Independence. This year is the first time when a trail running event takes place in the national park - the Kainuu Trail Hossa National Park (Finland)! Before Hossa was named the 40th national park, it was known as the oldest official hiking area in Finland, with 90 km of trails and its overall size of 111 km². It is perfect for hosting a trail running event with distances from 10 km up to 78 km.

At the Kainuu Trail event, you will get to run the same trails as people here did 10 000 years ago. If you watch closely on your way through the national park, you can see many beautiful places and sights. For example, the 4000-year-old rock paintings of Värikallio cliffs from the stone age, the Julma-Ölkky Canyon Lake, which was formed during the ice age, and its amazing cable bridge. You can also see the Lounatkoski rapids, the Moilasenvaara hill along the trails, Kokalmus area and Jatkonvaara Hill area and other beautiful structures that offer amazing views and experiences in the beautiful and peaceful Finnish nature during your run through the Hossa National Park.

If you are wondering how to get here, it is pretty easy. The best way to the national park is to travel by car, it does not matter if you are from the south or the north. Follow the main road 5 (E63) or take road 843 along with the many signs that will lead the way to Hossa National Park. You can also travel to Hossa by public transportation. Just take the Hossa bus from Kuusamo to get here in less than an hour. See here more closely the arriving instructions to the Kainuu Trail event.

10 facts about Hossa:

  1. Finland’s newest National Park - established in 2017
  2. 90 km of trails and paths to run
  3. Oldest hiking area in Finland
  4. Overall size 111 km²
  5. In Kainuu Trail you'll run the same trails as people of Hossa over 10 000 years ago
  6. 4000-year-old rock paintings - Värikallio
  7. Julma-Ölkky Canyon Lake (over 50 meters deep)
  8. Cable Bridge over the Julma-Ölkky Canyon
  9. It is easy to arrive to Hossa by car
  10. Hossa is located in Suomussalmi area in northern part of the Kainuu region in Finland
Photo: suomussalmi.fi / Hossa National Park

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