Take the competition bus to Kainuu Trail from Kajaani or Ruka to Hossa and back on race day, Saturday 29th June.

Published: 14.06.2024

The Kainuu Trail, held for the fourth time this year, attracts more and more runners to the beautiful needle paths and wilderness landscapes of Hossa National Park.

"The third registration phase closes next Monday, 17th June 2024, and based on the pre-registrations, it looks like this year will have the highest number of participants in our history," says Jukka Liuha, the race director and course designer of Kainuu Trail, excitedly.

"We already have as many registered runners as last year, so last year's participation record will certainly be broken this year," Liuha predicts with satisfaction.

If anyone, for example, among the Rastiviikko visitors, is still considering whether to experience Hossa's incredibly beautiful needle paths and landscapes, now it has been made very easy.

The organizer offers a very affordable competition bus service on race day Saturday, both from Kajaani via Suomussalmi to Hossa and back, and from Ruka via Kuusamo to Hossa and back.

"This service particularly serves participants in our 10 km, 21 km, and 38 km distances," Liuha clarifies. The bus departs from Kajaani on Saturday morning at 05:45 from Kajaani Travel Center and arrives in Hossa around 8:20-8:30. The bus departs from Ruka at 06:40 from Sale Rukanriutta and arrives in Hossa around 8:20. These buses allow plenty of time to catch the 38 km start at 9:00 from the Hossa Visitor Center. The 21 km start is at 10:00 and the 10 km start at 10:30, so it is easy to arrive at all these starts with this bus service.

Kainuu Trail competition bus tickets are on sale until 17th June or as long as bus tickets are available.

The final normal price registration phase ends on 17th June at 23:59.

After this, it is still possible to join if there are any spots available in the respective category at the time of registration.

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