Late registration until June 28 - race bus from Kajaani and from the Ruka-Kuusamo direction on June 29!

Published: 20.06.2024

A record number of 482 runners registered for the Kainuu Trail 2024 running event in the registration phase that ended on June 17!

Late registration is still possible until Friday, June 28 at 20:00 through the registration service on the website (if there are spots available for each distance). Late registration is also possible on-site at the competition centre on Saturday, June 29 for the 10 km, 21 km, 38 km, and 55 km distances at least 2 hours before the start of the respective race (if spots are still available).

Competition day June 29 Kainuu Trail buses from Kajaani and from the Ruka-Kuusamo direction are still available for booking in our online store until Thursday evening, June 27 at 23:59. The Kajaani competition bus departs at 5:45 from Kajaani Travel Centre and arrives in Hossa around 8:20-8:30, making it suitable for 10 km, 21 km, and 38 km runners. The Ruka-Kuusamo competition bus departs at 6:40 from in front of Sale Rukanriutta and arrives in Hossa around 8:20.

Welcome to Hossa in just over a week to enjoy trail running, stunning scenery, and pleasant needle-covered trails!

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