Running Towards Summer 2024 - Riikka Tulppo's Trail Running Coaching Heads to Kainuu Trail

Published: 07.12.2023

Running Towards Summer 2024 - Riikka Tulppo's Trail Running Coaching Heads to Kainuu Trail

Riikka Tulppo on the move at the Hossa National Park's trails in Kainuu Trail 2023 (Photo: Mikko Turunen / Kainuu Trail) 

Riikka Tulppo's trail running coaching is geared towards the Kainuu Trail trail running event in Hossa on June 29, 2024. In this course, participants can choose any running distance as their goal for the Kainuu Trail trail running event - 10, 21, 38, 55, or 78 kilometers. The trail running coaching is conducted as remote coaching, allowing participation from almost anywhere.

Jukka Liuha, the race director of Kainuu Trail trail running, excitedly shares that this fall, discussions with Riikka Tulppo led to the realization of this trail running coaching group in collaboration for next summer's trail running event in Hossa.

- Riikka contacted us during the fall, and it quickly became apparent that this could be a delightful new service for the coming summer, offering enjoyable and positive communal activities along with trail running preparation tips for trail runners, Liuha recalls the early stages of the collaboration.

Wellness coach Riikka Tulppo provides diverse exercise and well-being services in her work, including individual coaching, camps, and workplace well-being services.

- Nature exercise, trail running, running, cross-country skiing, and forest yoga are particularly close to my heart. I also provide coaching on the mental aspect, serving as a life coach, Tulppo explains.

Kainuu Trail Finisher 2023 (Photo: Mikko Turunen / Kainuu Trail)

- The purpose of this Kainuu Trail trail running coaching is to provide runners with a concrete training program conducted as group coaching, tailored to the distance they intend to participate in the Kainuu Trail trail running next summer, Tulppo describes.

  • Registration is currently open
  • Coaching aims for Kainuu Trail, for your chosen distance of 10, 21, 38, 55, 78 km
  • Coaching is group coaching, meaning the training program is determined based on your chosen distance
  • In the coaching group, you'll receive peer support from other participants
  • Coaching is conducted as remote coaching, allowing participants from anywhere in Finland
  • Coaching includes the registration fee for Kainuu Trail
  • The price for coaching is €86/month, which includes the training program (a 4-week distance-specific training program at a time), a runner's strength training program, monthly remote group meetings, a group chat channel for exchanging thoughts, and an introduction to the race by the race director.

"Next summer might seem far away, but believe me, starting training now will make the journey much easier - at least easier than for those starting their training in June," Tulppo smiles.

Strong feelings are experinced after the finish line (Photo: Mikko Turunen / Kainuu Trail)

For additional questions related to coaching, you can directly contact Riikka at the email address

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